While we take great steps to integrate you into digital tech skills and also to help the youths become problem solvers and start a career.

Gurudemy is currently not leaving anyone behind and as such, has introduced a #WINATECHSKILL Scholarship to assist individuals to acquire digital skills with the help of the program.

After applying, you will get a response if you’re Been selected to Learn a Skill for Free, which means you won’t be paying the actual course Fee.

With the help of the Gurudemy #WINATECHSKILL SCHOLARSHIP, course fee will be sorted by the management or partnership, all you are expected to payfor is the Gurudemy student registration documents (Policies, Gurudemy Guide, Form of Attestation, Undertaking Form, Receipt, and Virtual Identity Card) which is a Token of N20,000 and it’s essential to complete registrations as a Gurudemy student.

Lucky Winners are selected by the Management.

The Scholarship only covers the first stage of preferred course (STARTER) as we also have ADVANCED classes, if you wish to proceed into the next stage.


Fill this form to process your Registration

Lucky candidates will be contacted for further details.