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We've created a Perfect plan and proven system, for you to get skilled without wasting your time

  • Free Consultation at our Physical or Online space

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  • Choose a course, see course outline and class schedules

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  • Practical classes for 6 Weeks, 12 Weeks or 24 weeks depending on choice of course

  • Hybrid Learning System (Join Class Onsite or Online, which ever works with your Schedule and time)

  • Fun activities during learning

  • Join Gurudemy communities to engage and network with other Student that share same vision as you

  • Full customer support team will fully engage you during and after learning to track your progress

  • Practical Lessons, Tests and Projects with full guide from instructor and mentors.

  • Portfolio Building + Free Domain to Launch Online

  • Budding Guru's Expo Day

    Platform to Showcase your Class & Perform Projects, Network with Industry Experts.

  • Certification

  • Start mentorship and possible paid internship Journey.

You would achieve all this in less than a Year

We can't wait to have you join us at Gurudemy to experience all and many more

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