About Gurudemy

Why we exist “Humans are curious by nature’’- Aristotle

At the center of our learning curriculum is the desire to provoke your inner curiosity. Challenges such as ignorance, low quality and outdated educational systems weaken our human minds. They make our youths inferior competitors to their counterparts excelling in other parts of the world. Such systems can only produce disadvantaged individuals with subpar skills and knowledge to run industries and economies locally and globally.

We cannot let this pattern continue. As of 2020, Nigeria has been heavily mentioned as the Poverty Capital of the World with the average citizen living on less than $2 per day (about N700). When education fails to offer conscious enlightenment and empowerment, the consequences are usually damaging. It moves from poverty of the people to the poverty of a nation. To clamp down on poverty, and level the ground, ignorance and inadequate skilled education must firstly be combated headlong.

At Gurudemy, we strongly believe it is not enough to acquire education. To further our people's development, accessing an impactful and relevant kind should be the goal. This is why we encourage our students to occupy the frontlines in today's world by learning digital and business skills. The digital world shapes today’s innovations and existence. Consequently, all our learning syllabuses are designed to provoke that desired curiosity, inspire innovation, and cause students to see their worlds as creative canvases awaiting tomorrow’s masterpiece.

We need our students to become better contributors and better citizens in our social economy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create problem-solving entrepreneurs for our society. To achieve this, we remain devoted to the innovative power of digital skills, and the leadership foresight that comes with entrepreneurship education.


To be the incubation hub and learning center for the next generation of digital business entrepreneurs.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Leadership
  • Impact

Welcome to Gurudemy

We've created a Perfect plan and proven system, for you to get skilled without wasting your time

- Free Consultation at our Physical or Online space

- Choose a course, see course outline and class schedules

- Start Learning and Pay Later

- Practical classes for 6 Weeks, 12 Weeks or 24 weeks depending on choice of course

- Hybrid Learning System (Join Class Onsite or Online, which ever works with your Schedule and time)

- Fun activities during learning

- Join Gurudemy communities to engage and network with other Student that share same vision as you

- Full customer support team will fully engage you during and after learning to track your progress

- Practical Lessons, Tests and Projects with full guide from instructor and mentors.

- Portfolio Building + Free Domain to Launch Online

- Budding Guru's Expo Day

Platform to Showcase your Class & Perform Projects, Network with Industry Experts.

- Certification

- Start mentorship and possible paid internship Journey.

Liberating and empowering each student to understand his/her learning strengths should be the goal of all education. With this approach, they become genius gurus and ambassadors no matter even when outside the walls of Gurudemy. Some students have varying definitions of “learning comfort & motivation.” We consider these key factors that can influence learning.

Therefore, we offer offline/physical sessions for would-be gurus who prefer learning at our studios. They have the comfortable luxury of also staying at our hostel accommodation. For lovers of virtual learning, they can also access our online/live sessions with our coaches. OR you can just sign up for both methods and become a hybrid guru.

With Gurudemy, you can learn the best digital skills through physical courses & well combined live online sessions + effective entrepreneurship programs that are highly demanded today. You will also learn how to use them to generate income for yourself or convert them into a full-blown business.